Custom Knife - Knife Design August 23 2014, 0 Comments

When you are thinking about having a custom knife made for you, you should start with your design idea first. Here some steps that will give you a generic guide on how to start your design.

Collector’s/fantasy knife or practical use knife


This is the very first question to answer;

  • Collector’s knife; just make your sketch, pick materials and contact the maker for a pricing and detailed design. You will enjoy all different of designing the knife as not everything can be made.
  • Practical use knife; determine how you will use it; like occasionally (hunting, camping, fishing etc.) daily (kitchen knife, EDC etc.)

What kind of Cutting Application?

  • How do I cut?
  1. Chopping like a hatched/machete;
  2. pull cutting (forth and back moving like a saw, slicing);
  3. push cutting like a razor
  4. combination cutting, like B & C which is the most common and likely one
  • What do I cut (materials)?
  • Wood (whittling), meat, veggies, fish etc

The materials and how you cut will be important to choose the right steel for your knife as a machete is made out of a different steel than a straight razor. It will also have a say in the edge geometry.

What is the Use for the knife?

Now you want to let the maker know what you want to use the knife for, some samples:

  • Hunting with skinning, gutting, quartering etc.
  • Fishing with gutting, filet work, descaling etc.
  • Kitchen with slicing, chopping, pealing
  • Wood working like trail making, whittling, kindling general all-purpose camp knife
  • Use in unsteady conditions like on a boat, sailing, working with animals etc.
  • Fighting, self defense etc.

This will determine the shape of the blade, the tip and most likely the edge angle.

Generic styles of Knife Blades and Tips

Handle design

Now it is time to look for your preferred handle design and what material will look great with the blade.