All-purpose hunting knife December 04 2014, 0 Comments

Features of an all-purpose hunting knife
  • Blade length should be equal to the first digit on the hand as shown in the picture. This allows optimal control of the knife when gutting or working blind/hidden corners
  • Deep finger groove near the guard to guaranty a good solid grip on the knife and to prevent accidental slip of the hand onto the blade

  • Belly or wedge shaped handle or a handle with a hook near the butt for a very good grip for heavy work.
  • Handle sized just long enough so that for heavy work one can put the thumb on the butt as this will give increased control of the knife and will help prevent accidental slip of the handle onto the sharp blade
  • Straight blade and blade edge near the hilt/guard
  • Pointed tip for detail work
  • Drop point or clip point tip design


Terrier Blades Eagle Skinner; trailing tip design for a skinner, pointed tip for all purpose use and detail work, deep finger groove for safety, thumb rest on spine of blade, ergonomic shaped handle with nice belly for good grip and control of the knife, solid leather sheath with safety loop