Hunting knives December 04 2014, 0 Comments

Hunting knives are usually all-round knives which can also be used for camping, fishing, outdoors, survival etc.

Mostly fix blade knives in full tang construction as they are the most robust

Lately there is more and more differentiation in hunting knives as the industry has to find/create new models to entice sales.



  • Fixed blade knives, full tang construction as well as hidden tang ( mostly Scandinavian models like Fjaellkniven, Mora, Helle,Brusletto etc)


Our Terrier Blades Traditional Hunter

  • Folding knives in different versions, one of the first introduced folding knives was a 2 bladed folding knife, called trapper and/or oldtimer, with a sharp pointed tip and a modified sheepfoot design.
  • Swing blades, fix blade knife which can be around/flipped to a gut-hook/gutting blade and a sharp pointed blade
  • Disposable blades like the Havalon. These can never really be used for any heavy work like quatering, deboning etc as the blades are fairly thin like a scalpel


  • Multitools/knives; they are all folding knives/tools but have a fair variety of specialty blades like pointed blade, gutting blade, gut hook, pincher or shears, spike or Marlin spike, saw etc