Pricing vs quality December 04 2014, 0 Comments

Pricing vs quality

  • You get what you pay for; good steel and craftsmanship costs money.


Terrier Blades Classic Hunter

  • Low priced knives marked plainly stainless steel, 420 steel etc will not stand a lot of use before you need to sharpen or they break and bent.
  • Plain carbon steel is high maintenance as it tends to rust fast
  • Generally as cheaper the knife as more the manufacturer saves on materials, quality and finish
  • Good quality hunting knives, solid tools for the job and survival necessity in difficult situations will usually start @ ~ $ 150 and will last a life time
  • A good knife with high quality steel will hold an edge through all the field work on a big game animal and more; a few more $$$ when buying will safe you a lot of work/time on sharpening etc
  • Know about the steel and what you can expect from it
  • Consider the sharpening as some steels are very difficult to sharpen


How to choose a knife

5 step guide line

  1. Think about how you will use the knife; all purpose, specialty, EDC ….

  1. Consider what features matter to you; like edge holding, looks, fixed blade vs folding etc
  2. Decide which blade and handle suits you; ergonomics, tip design etc
  3. Be sure the maker of the knife has reputation and quality not only in the past, but also in recent times not every brand will have that.
  4. Ask for warranty, check on reviews