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Custom - bespoke knives 

What it is a custom; custom made or bespoken (just another word for custom made or made to order) knife?

Custom knives and bespoken knives are made according to you wishes, your ideas, your need, your design, your specification, the custom knife is individually made as per your, the customers, order thus the name custom knife

This can be a little as you choose the handle material or I want this knife with that steel all the way up to the full version that you have an idea, make a sketch and finalize all the materials and design with the maker


How they are made

  • Custom knives and bespoken knives are always made per customer order i.e. after you place the order, thus the term custom knife.
  • Usually they are made by a knife maker;
  • Very often they are hand-made.
  • Very seldom is a big knife company prepared to make a custom knife to the specification of one customer as their product lines are not flexible enough to make a single individual knife.


How to identify custom made knives (as opposed to a production version)

  • Custom made knife is always a one-of –a-kind knife as it will be made according to the specification you give when you order it.
  • A custom made knife is built to your specific order with unique features like kind of steel, handle material, ornamentation, functionality, quality, shape, design
  • A custom made knife is never readily available when you enter a store or retail location as your special input of what you want is not included, you choose between the offered models, mostly production knives
  • A personalization like having you name engraved does not make it a custom made knife
  • Mass produced knives are sometimes offered as custom or custom made knives which is a fake and false. This is to promote them, to entice buyers, to make them look interesting.


  • Collectors knives are mostly custom made as the person who owns them has a strong interest in being involved in the design and the materials used.
  • Fantasy knives are quite often custom made as their design is based on knives in books or movies
  • Traditional knives like the north-american icon the Bowie Knife, the Scottish Sgian Dubh, the Indian Kukuri, the Kirpan are often custom made as the wearer want special features included in them
  • Kitchen knives can also be custom made, especially the design and length of the blade, the handle for the individual chef’s use and hand size. Left- or right-handed knives are usually custom made
  • Hunting knives as per the unique needs of the hunter, mostly in steel, handle material and handle design, less the blade shape and design
  • Specialty knives, designed for special work application like farriers knife, pruning knife, rigging knife etc are often custom knives


Our classic deer hunter as custom knife with arbutus root handle

Where to buy them

Generally only a knife maker will be prepared to make a custom knife.

What to look out for

  • Unique features and materials, like steel, handle materials, sheath design, shape of the knife exotic appearances, name of the knife, certificate of the maker, makers logo.

Our Classic Deer Hunter with redwood Burl handle and Damascus blade and bolster

Our Traditional Hunter in Damascus steel and with Rosewood and fossil Mammoth Ivory handle, custom made sheath with snake skin inlay

Pricing vs quality

  • A custom made knife is generally on the expensive side compared to production made knives. Using expensive materials like Damascus steel, Mammoth Ivory etc does not mean superior quality in the knife it just qualifies it more as a collector’s knife.
  • Custom made farrier knives, hoof knives, kitchen knives, hunting knives, fishing knives can be of a fair and decent price but should always be of superior quality.
  • A custom hunting knife made with state of the art knife steel and robust handle material can range as low as $ 200.
  • The same knife with Damascus steel and Mammoth Ivory, ornamental bolsters etc can be more than 5x the price
  • Ad rubies, gold inlay and special art work and it can be in the 10.000 of $$$.


Our Traditional Deer Hunter with fossil Mammoth Ivory handle, Damascus blade and bolsters, handmade rawhide sheath