Usages - different knives for different work? December 04 2014, 0 Comments

Usages - different knives for different work?

  • All-purpose hunting knife; it is supposed to do all the work needed during hunting and when on a hunting trips which is gutting, quartering, skinning, deboning but it will also be used for camp work, bush-craft, even survival tool. It can be a fixed blade or folding knife

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  • Skinning knife; a specialty knife which is only designed for skinning, sometimes with a dull/blunt/non cutting tip as preferred by beaver trappers. Skinning knives are generally a trailing tip design; means an upward pointing tip.
  • Newer trends label a deep bellied blade near the tip a skinning knife as they usually come with a gut hook on the back of the blade. The missing pointed tip on these knives can make some part of field dressing an animal very difficult like quatering
  • Disposal blades like Havalon or scalpels; they are for special use only, mostly in skinning or capeing where detail work is needed
  • Capeing knife; a fairly small knife which is basically only used for detail work when removing the cape (neck and head skin of the animal), splitting the lips, eyes, ears and nose which is essential in the field for preservation for taxidermy
  • Trout and bird knife; a small knife (3-finger knife) which is generally used for small game like rabbits, birds and small fish


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  • Pocket knife; they are a nice way of having a knife with you all the time and are handy for the short few hours outing into the woods. Typically they come with different blades for the individual task. |Unfortunately they are mostly small and will not really do for heavy work.