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Kiritsuke style Kitchen Knives

Kiritsuke is a Japanese Term meaning "precision and strength to the downward cut". What could better describe the demand of the professional chef?

See Wikipedia :

"Just before making contact, the kaishakunin grips the handle (tsuka) with both hands, giving precision to the katana's blade and strength to the downward cut (kiritsuke)"

Kiritsuke knives are not new in the kitchen environment. Nevertheless, we developed our blades to have the traditional Japanese left or right hand orientation. This means the knives are beveled on one side only. The Blade is shaped fairly straight with the typical tip design know as Dao Blade or Reversed Tantoo. This design is a characteristic of the Kiritsuke.
The hilt is shaped backward to offer protection from the sharp edge, a superior safety feature.

Our handles are shaped for the left or right handed user i.e. they are uneven in appearance. They are designed to give both a thumb groove and a comfortable rest for the first finger. For a comfortable feeling this will make the handle longer on the 'thumb' side. This handle will provide you with a better and more secure grip of the knife in all cutting applications, and overall better control of larger knives.

Right handed knives with the bevel on the right side only, and shorter handle to accommodate the first finger for a secure wrap or resting point.

The thumb rests nicely in the groove supporting the modern 'pinch grip' used by professional chefs. This allows a firmer grip and more controlled handling of the knife. The very unique ergonomic handle design makes the Terrier Blades Kitchen knife series very comfortable for use by professionals and home cooks alike.

Right handed knives, showing the left side of the blade with the thumb groove (the handle is longer on this side), no bevel on this side.

The blades are made of PM Stainless Steel (powder metallurgical made steel) with formidable edge holding potential, high wear resistance and superior corrosion quality. The hardness ranges ~ 58 – 62 HRC, double tempered and cryogenic treated to achieve optimal values, using the mechanical properties of the steel to the max.

The handle material is kitchen friendly and will withstand moisture well.

Laminated Diamond wood (standard) or

Kirinite ™ , a phenolic acrylic, is our choice of materials for beauty and who doesn't like to have a beautiful tool in the kitchen.


Kirinite handle patterns:

Dessert Camo Royal Blue Lava Flow

Other patterns are available on request. Kirinite is not totally dishwasher safe as it should not be heated to 200F.

Other materials can be provided on special request.

We offer Kirirtsuke style knives for different applications:

Chef Knife Kiristuke Gyuto


Roast slicer/ Carving Knife/ Sushi knife Kiritsuke Yanagiba


General Utility Knife, boning knif/ Kiritsuke Hankotsu

Chef Knife Kiristuke Gyuto
The work horse in the kitchen which is used for most work like chopping, rocking, vegetable cutting etc. We offer 3 different knives;

a Santoku size, smaller chef knife

Blade length 7 ¼", 185mm
Blade width at the heel 2", 50 mm
Overall length 12", 305mm
Blade thickness 1/8", 3.2mm
Stainless Steel S35VN

Price $ 260.00
Add Kirinite handle for $ 45.00


the Big Chef Knife, general all purpose use

Blade length 9 ½", 240mm
Blade width at the heel 2", 50 mm
Overall length 14 ¼", 262mm
Blade thickness 1/8",
Stainless Steel S35VN

Price $ 310.00
Add Kirinite handle for $ 45.00


the Professional Chef version, a super size chef knife for the professional as well a as the serious home or hobby cook.

Blade length 11 1/4", 285mm
Blade width at the heel 2 1/2", 37mm
Overall length 16 ¼", 410mm
Blade thickness 3/32",
Stainless Steel S35VN


Price $ 395.00
Add Kirinite handle for $ 45.00