Knife Sharpening

Knife Sharpening - Sharpening Wheels August 25 2014, 0 Comments

Knife Sharpening Wheels are a wonderful way to have your own mechanical sharpening unit at home. Here is our short how-to guide.

Keep your cutting edge angle

Always make sure that you keep the right angle for your edge, ~ 16 – 20 degrees on each side, giving a cutting edge angle ~ 30 – 40 degrees which is good for most all purpose cutting application and will suite most steels.

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Knife sharpening - sharpening your knife dull August 09 2014, 0 Comments

The most common mistakes in Knife Sharpening

increasing the edge angle

a)    beveling the edge into a convex shape


If you are within the 2nd sketch you still get kind of a cutting edge, it is the edge you will find in chopping tools like a machete style knife or an axe. But this edge will not give you the razor edge you like in a slicer/carver for cutting meat and it will work only decent in a chef knife for cutting veggies.

If you are in he 3rd sketch your knife will feel dull in push cut applications and most pull cutting services.


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How to sharpen your knife - 6 secrets of a knife maker April 22 2014, 0 Comments

All knives are going to get dull sooner or later, they will lose their sharp edge over the time of use. With some knives this goes fast with others fairly slow. Why do we have these differences? And how do we address them when sharpening our knife.

Here are some insider’s secret tips and basic ideas of what to respect when sharpening a knife:

  1. Analyze how you use the knife: chopping, push cut (like a razor) or pull cut (like a butcher knife, the most used cutting activity in a knife).
  2. What steel does the knife has? Stainless steel, carbon steel; low, medium or high grade steel. It helps if you know about its toughness, wear resistance, hardness etc.


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