Knife Sharpening - Sharpening Wheels August 25 2014, 0 Comments

Knife Sharpening Wheels are a wonderful way to have your own mechanical sharpening unit at home.

I have created a short how-to guide.

What are sharpening wheels

They are a paper or card board based wheel system and usually come as a kit. One wheel as a gritted wheel for grinding the edge, the other as a slotted one for honing and stropping.

Easy to install and use

What you need is a 6” bench grinder for an 8" wheel kit. Take the guards off your grinder and mount your sharpening heels, trim them out so they run nice and level.

Keep your cutting edge angle

Always make sure that you keep the right angle for your edge, ~ 16 – 20 degrees on each side, giving a cutting edge angle ~ 30 – 40 degrees which is good for most all purpose cutting application and will suite most steels.

Grinding the cutting bevel ( secondary bevel ) on your knife blade

Without pressure guide your right sided knife edge alongside the wheel to grind the cutting edge angle, then do the left sided edge angle. Repeat the process till you can feel a burr all along the edge of the blade.

Honing your knife edge for razor sharpness

Apply some compound on the slotted wheel, the honing/stropping  wheel. Perform the same action with the knife edge on the honing wheel as you did on the cutting wheel and you should have a razor sharp slicing edge.

Quick Tips

Never turn a knife into the wheel. Always have the edge of the knife angled down in the direction that the wheel is turning.


Don't draw the tip of the knife clear across the wheel. When pulling the knife across either wheel, take it away from the wheel when the tip is in the middle of the wheel, otherwise you may catch the tip on the edge.