Necky Knife, The Salmon Necky


The Haida design based pattern for the salmon fits nicely in the handle and makes this little knife a very decorative item to wear. Small and very light weight you wont feel it hanging on your neck. The fish design has been cut out for the final weight reduction. You will enjoy this little knife as a decoration item as well as tool when needed.

This is THE perfect little knife for the fisherman, especially the fly-fisher who stands in the water in his hip waders. Simply wear it as a neck knife or attach with the split ring to your wader or your fishing vest, your little Necky is always at hand for use.

The Necky is 5" overall with a 2 1/2" blade length

The steel is 440B equivalent to A8.

Sheath is made out of nylon with friction fit, the necklace is genuine 4mm round leather

A beautiful pendent, useful tool as an EDC (Every Day Cary)


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